Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

In a boarding School life would be monotonous without entertainment. But, crude entertainment leads to erode the value system and personality of the students. We train students and conduct various activities like Music, Dramatics, Debate, Quiz and Extempore etc to provide them with best possible exposure at different levels. Every Saturday students debate on burning topics in the Assembly and leave the audience with a food for thought.

Inter – House and Intra class literary competitions are held every Saturday and every students gets an opportunity to take participate in at least any two such activities.

The School Band and the choir is the pride of the school. It consists of some of the rarest talents. We have vocalists, drummers and guitarists of repute.

 Inter-House Drama competition is one of the most eagerly awaited event for all Vikasian. The House Social also provides ample opportunities to display acting skills.

Education Tours and Inter school Tournaments

Educational tours, Adventure Courses, are an integral part of education. For the all-round development of the children. Students from Classes IV to XI are sent on periodic educational tours to places of historic and architectural importance. In addition, adventure sport like trekking, hiking, picnics and campfires are regular features at Vikas Vidyalaya. Students from Classes IV to VI are taken for on local trips and picnics. Educational tours and Camps are arranged for the students of classes IV TO XI during vacations for knowledge and recreation.

If a student is selected for inter school/CBSE/IPSC sports/CCA event, his participation is compulsory except on health grounds. If selected, they are sent to outstation schools to participate in the events.