Sports & Games

Sports & Games

SPORTS & GAMES: ‘Fit People fit Nation’ that’s how Vikasian look at sports and games. A normal Day begins at 5:30 am with Jogging, P.T., Karate and Yoga training. In winter, it is a common see the students warming themselves for Cross –Country in chilly mornings. Day Boarders are also provided with an extended 40 minutes play hour after the classes. A host of games that is being offered here are as follow:
1. Boxing
2. Rugby
3. Rifle Shooting
4. Athletics
5. Hockey
6. Tennis
7. Basketball
8. Soccer
9. Volleyball

Inter-House PT competition and Annual Sports Day are held every year in the month January on the main field. It includes all Track and Field events, Boxing, Parade etc. and the excitement reaches at the peak when it comes to 4X100 mtrs Relay races. The Four Houses: LAV,KUSH, Vikram and Chandragupta vie for the prestigious House Trophy.

Inter-House Boxing Championship adds flavor to the school life in the month of December with the time to taste how good you with your punches are comes. Under the evening light the ring appears a gorgeous and when the boxers enter the ring the deafening applause takes one away to another world.

In rainy season when the grasses are long and spongy boys go agog with their rugby balls. The spirit of competition prevails throughout the season until the House Cup is lifted.

Every Sunday the rifle shooting zone is full of life. Students have bagged many prizes in IPSC Inter – School Competition.

The school teams regularly participate in IPSC Boxing, Basket ball and Rifle Shooting Championships.

Thus Sports and games play a major role in the life of Vikasians.

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  • prashant kumar

    Feel pround to be a part of this school. My wishes is always with you all. Lets try to make it more large in respect and values. vikas is not only the name but a great institution in itself where u grow civilized with only one moto .i.e born to shine like a star with helping hands towards country and countrymen.jai hind

    Prashant kumar
    roll 625
    2000 batch
    Advocate high court jharkhand

    August 27, 2015 at 7:49 am

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