School Rules


The Rules and Regulations of Vikas Vidyalaya have been framed to make the parents aware of what is expected of them and their children during their stay at the school. It is imperative that all parents abide by the code of conduct in the best interest of their children and to facilitate the smooth functioning of the school.


Vikas Vidyalaya makes every possible endeavour to help children to improve their overall performance. However, progress is possible only with the co-operation of parents and child.Keeping in mind the schedule of a residential school it is not practically possible to provide continual extra help to a particular child. However, our teachers are available during evening prep to assist all children.


  1. Discipline is the essence of Life. Without Discipline nothing can be achieved. At Vikas Vidyalaya, Ranchi we put in all possible, continual efforts to instill high moral values amongst our children. Should any child indulge in anti social/ immoral act he/she is liable to face the disciplinary action against him/her as deemed fit by the school management? No representation shall be entertained.
  2. Any child leaving school campus without proper permission will do so at the risk and responsibility of the parent. School management may expel such a child without any notice to the parent.
  3. The students of Vikas Vidyalaya are not permitted to possess any of the following: Obscene reading/viewing material; Electronic gadgets; Sim Cards; Pen Drives & CD/DVD; Cameras; Expensive jewelry or Wrist Watch; Intoxicating materials; Weapons; Cash or any other banned material.
  4. Vikas Vidyalaya, Ranchi is Smoke/Drink/Tobacco Free Zone. All Visitors are expected to maintain the sanctity of the campus.
  5. Intoxication of any kind is not permissible by school students. Any child indulging in the same shall be expelled without any notice or warning.
  6. No student is allowed to buy/sell/exchange goods, lend/borrow money or tuck in the school or during outings.
  7. Parents/Guardians are permitted to visit their wards only on Open Days. Other than Open Days meeting children shall not be possible. However, only in exigencies the same may be permitted by the school authorities.
  8. Parents/Guardians are strictly prohibited from offering any kind of tip/gift to any servant or staff member. Breach of this shall be viewed seriously.
  9. Destruction/misuse of School’s Property/Resources shall be liable for strict disciplinary action.
  1. Disrespectful/unacceptable behavior amongst students or staff such as bullying, groupism, aggressive arguments/behavior or use of unparliamentarily language or unsavory male-female relationship shall be liable for disciplinary action as per rules.
  1. All school activities/games are compulsory and children are expected to participate in the same. As per requirements they may have to undergo special training of the same.


  1. Leave is not a matter of right. School may authorize/decline leave to any student depending upon situation.
  2. Parents/Guardians are requested not to disrupt the school routine by coming early to pick up their children. They must ensure that children return to school on the specified date and time after school’s vacations/break.
  3. Under normal circumstances no leave is sanctioned during term. However, special leave of absence may be granted by the Principal on exigencies.
  4. No child is allowed to proceed on leave alone or with friends etc. Parents are required to send an escort with written request. Escort is required to produce photo identity of him/her. Without verification of his/her identity the child will not be released.
  5. To maintain the discipline and to inculcate the habit of punctuality a child who has overstayed shall be fined as per school rules.


  1. It is advisable to all parents that before admitting your child in a residential school please ensure that the child is medically fit and he/she is not suffering from any disease which may cause any problem to him/her or other inmates of school.
  2. If at any stage, it is revealed that the child is unfit to continue in the school, principal may ask the parents to withdraw the child at once.
  3. In the event of any damage/injury/harm or loss of life during the course of the stay of child in the school or hostel or during school activities. School or school authorities shall not be held responsible for the same.
  4. All expenses that may be incurred for the treatment of the child shall be borne by the parent/guardian concerned.
  5. If a child is seeking extension of leave due to medical reasons must intimate school’s office in writing. At the time of reporting he/she must submit medical certificate supported by medical fitness certificate to the school authorities. In the absence of medical certificate for the period of absence and fitness certificate the child will be treated as absent from school.


  1. All students are expected to follow school’s routine religiously.
  2. The students are expected to maintain their rooms, cupboards, beds, study tables and hostel premises.
  3. All students are expected to maintain cordial relation with all inmates of the hostel.
  4. Bullying is strictly prohibited.
  5. Students are not allowed to keep any kind of tuck with them. However, milk supplements and dry fruits are permissible in a limited quantity.
  6. The student should report to his/her HM/HS for any problem he/she might be facing. If the problem is not resolved to his/her expectation he/she may approach the Principal.
  7. Parents/Guardians may speak to their wards on stipulated days at the given time. However, in case of emergency they may call any time.


  1. No fee is refundable if the child is withdrawn during the first year. However, in the 2nd and subsequent session if the child is withdrawn for any reasons then a clear three month notice is to be given in writing or fee in lieu of that is chargeable.
  2. If the parents are not willing to continue in the forthcoming session they need to send request of the same in writing latest by 15th day of March. In the absence of proper intimation Caution Money shall be forfeited.
  3. Transfer Certificate of the child shall be issued only after clearance of all dues and NOC from various departments. Minimum of 07 working days are required for issuance of Transfer Certificate.
  4. In the cases where Caution Money is liable to be refunded. The claim should be made within 06 months of withdrawal else the same shall be liable to be lapsed.
  5. There will be no refund of fee in case of child has been expelled or withdrawn due to indiscipline.


  1. Parents are advised to refrain from giving any valuables to the children. The school shall not be held responsible for any loss/theft etc.
  2. Parents should refrain from giving excessive tuck to the children.
  3. Parents are not allowed to give perishable items and food parcels to children under any circumstance.
  4. Parents are not allowed to enter the rooms of children in the hostel.
  5. Parents are requested to make telephone calls to their wards only at stipulated timings.
  6. Parents are advised to attend all PTM’s to enhance the interaction with the teachers of your ward.
  7. All correspondence should be made at the school’s address. Please do not forget to write the Name of the Child, His/Her Roll No., Hostel and Class.
  8. Any change in address or contact numbers should be intimated to the school in writing for the updating of records. Keeping in view exigencies/emergencies and important information from school it should be done on priority.
  9. Parents are expected to adhere to the school timings. Beyond school timings entertaining them shall not be possible.
  10. School management reserves the right to amend/change any of the above-mentioned rules without prior notice in the best interest of the children and school.


School has a well maintained Tuck Shop through which children may get all essential items at a nominal rate. The child is required to get the list of required items approved by the Hostel Superintendent or House Master. The amount will be debited from Pocket Money.


School has provision of various scholarships and awards for meritorious students.

01 award of Rs. 5100/- cash and memento to the Topper of Science Stream of Class XII.
02 students are selected for IPSC trust scholarship of Rs. 25000/- each every year.
02 scholarships of Rs. 21000/- each are there for the meritorious students.