Withdrawal Norms

Withdrawal Norms

a)     Parents desirous of withdrawing their wards from the school at the end of an academic year must give clear notice in writing latest by 30th March of the academic year and obtain an acknowledgement from the school. Caution Money deposit would be refunded after deducting all dues.

b)      If the withdrawal notice  is received after the stipulated date the Caution Money Deposit will  be forfeited  and all dues to be cleared separately.

c)      If a child is withdrawn in the middle of the term he/ she has to clear all dues of the term and no refund of fee will be made.

d)     A student who drops out in the middle of the term forfeits the claim of fees refund.

e)     Transfer Certificate would be issued after 15 days of receiving the application on condition of settlement of account of the child in all aspects.

f)       Parents who want the Transfer Certificates to be counter signed by CBSE have to directly request CBSE, Regional Office Patna.

g)     Disputes arising in all matters will have to be settled by arbitration within the jurisdiction of Ranchi city.