• Please ensure that before the child is admitted in the school all fees are paid and a NO DUES certificate is collected. Parents who have sent the fees by post will have to produce proof of payment i.e. a photocopy of Bank drafts at the time of joining.
  • A Statement of Accounts for the 1st term will be send  to all the parents on 15th October and for the 2nd term  on 15th May each year.
  • Parents who have misplaced the statement of accounts or have not received the same are requested to verify with the school Accounts Dept.
  • Parents can send their fees by DD by post. To avoid any confusion parents are requested to have a photocopy of the demand draft with them at the time of admitting their child after vacation.
  • Non-receipt of the statement of account is not accepted as reason for not paying the fees on time as the onus is on the parents to find out the outstanding fees and pay on time.
  1. 1st term fees to be paid on or before 15th March every year before the commencement of the Ist Term, i,e from 1st April every year
  2. 2nd term fees to be paid on or before 15th September every year
  3. All non-resident Indian/ foreign students will have to pay their total fees at the time of admission.
  4. If the fee for both term is paid by 10th March a rebate of Rs.2,000.00 would be given.

Late Fees

A fine of Rs.1,000/- will be levied in case of  late receipt of fees. If the fee still remains unpaid after 15 days of the due date the school reserves the right to remove the student’s name from the school register.

Fee Structure




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