Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulation

Late Coming
It is a common practice among the students that some of them wish to join school late after vacations with various excuses. The school has adopted the following policy to handle late comers

  • Those who arrive after the specified time will have to go back and return the following day. None will be allowed to report beyond the specified time and no exceptions will be made.
  • The students are not expected to report to school after short break/ Vacation / leave on a Sunday / Public Holidays
  • Parents are advised to drop their wards to the school on the day of reopening after vacations failing which a fine of Rs. 100/ shall be charged for each day for 7 days
  • Students reporting late and beyond the specified date will forfeit the privilege of taking part in school competitions. In addition, they will forego all leave for the session.
  • If a student remains absent from the school for more than 7 days without notice and good reason his/her name will be struck off from school rolls as per CBSE Guidelines. Fresh admission, only in deserving cases will be allowed by the Principal after paying re-admission fee, fine and other dues.


  • In all matters concerning your child, you are advised to contact the campus office.
  • Parents are advised to write to the Principal directly on any issue pertaining to their child. They can certainly meet the Principal in school, with prior appointment.
  • Children will be allowed to meet the Parents / Guardians only on the days specified in the calendar.
  • No visitors are allowed in the academic area / dormitories / dining hall. Kindly adhere to this as other students / residential staffmembers are put to unease when visitors enter these areas.
  • Parents and visitors are not entertained on Sundays and Holidays as the school office remains closed on these days. Hence, parents and visitors are requested NOT to come on Sundays/ Holidays, unless specifically requested by the school to come on a particular Sunday/ Holiday, as in the case of last Sunday of the month and on school function etc.

Phone Calls
Parents may call their children at the below mentioned timing:

  • Sun & Holidays – 8:30 AM to 12.00 PM and 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
  • Weekdays — 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM(Jr) 9:30 to 10:30 PM (Srs)
  • Students may call their parents from STD booth on specified date and time.
  • During the weekdays students are occupied with their daily schedules hence it will not be possible to contact them. Parents are advised not to try calling them during day time.
  • The school has an EPABX system through which parents can contact the required department.

Cell Phones: No Cell Phone Policy

  • You may be well aware that the use of cell phones has been restricted/ limited in many schools/ colleges across the country due to certain disadvantages. Therefore, students are advised not to bring and use cell phone in the school. Any cell phone found in the possessions of the students will be confiscated and students would be suspended from the school.

The school’s policy with regards to students’ birthdays would be as follows:

  • Parents are welcome to visit the school on their child’s birthday in the afternoon. The birthday may be celebrated between 4 – 5 pm. It is not possible for all class mates to be present if they are busy with other activities.
  • Parents are not allowed to be present on the campus after 5 pm.
  • Parents who cannot be present on their children’s birthdays can directly place an order for these items – cake, fruit juice, chips, puffs/samosa & chocolates. The school will pay the amount and debit the same to your account.
  • In case the parents are not present; the birthdays will be celebrated in the senior boys dining hall at 5.15 pm. Class mates, class teachers and Dorm counselor will be invited to join.

Cash and Valuables

  • Children are not allowed to keep any money with them. They are not allowed to bring valuable articles such as cameras, expensive watches, music systems, jewellery etc. with them.
  • Children below class V are not allowed to use wristwatches in school. The school will not be held responsible for the damage or loss of any such items.
  • We are aware that students require cash during travel to school; cash with them should be deposited with the school office immediately on arrival. This amount will be returned to them one day before they travel on their homeward journey for vacation.
  • Parents are advised not to make any request to issue cash to the students   and are advised to deposit cash with the School Office or send pocket money if required by DD only.
  • Parents are advised not to give cash directly to their children, as it might result in misuse and promote bad habits. If any student is found to possess cash, the school will take severe disciplinary action, including possible expulsion.
  • However, if the parents wish, they may deposit cameras/ walk man/ in the school office under receipt. The students may take those articles while going out on picnics/ tours/ outings etc. However, the school will not be responsible for any loss or damage of such items.
  • Students are not permitted to bring VCD, DVD, i Pod etc to the school. However MP3/ audio tape may be permitted.
  • Parents/ Guardians are kindly requested to refrain from sending valuable items such as  cash, jewellery, camera, disc man, etc.
  • The use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs is strictly forbidden. Any student whose behavior jeopardizes his/her own welfare and affects the reputation of the school is liable for disciplinary action including expulsion.>


  • Girls are not allowed to wear trinkets in school. Trinkets include hanging earrings, bangles, anklets, chains etc. They can wear any small ear tops without hangings.


  • Boys – Should sport only crew cuts and no other styles.
  • Girls – Hair till the nape – hair bands.
  • Shoulder length – ponytails.
  • Below Shoulders – to be plaited.
  • Boys are not permitted to grow beards in any circumstance


  • Students wearing spectacles are requested to bring 2 pairs at the time of joining along with the doctor’s prescription and submit the same to the Warden.


  • Please note that during the stay of your child in the school or journey towards home or back to school, if he/she sustains any major or minor injury on his/her person, the school shall in no way be held responsible for that and also for any consequences arising there from. In this regard an undertaking is to be signed by the parents at the time of admission

Monthly Meet and Ex-eat/Leaves

  • The school has students in three categories – boarders, day boarders and weekday boarders. Parents of boarders can meet their children either on the 2nd or 4thSaturdays of each month between 2 – 4 pm. They may apply for exeat in advance and take them home or out for the weekend.
  • Request for exeats should reach the school one week in advance either through e- mail/fax or by post and the grant of ex-eat would be intimated to the concerned parents within 2 days of receiving the requests. The school transport will not be available for these ex-eats. Parents have to make their own arrangements for transport. Parents should ensure that their children reach the campus before 8.15 a.m on the day they report back ( i,e on Monday) .Children reporting after 8.15 am will be sent to the dorm and are not allowed to attend classes on that day. They will not be allowed to go for ex-eat in the following month.